Outdoor Fairy Lights


Introducing our Outdoor Fairy Light Rentals – where enchantment meets versatility. Light up your outdoor spaces with a touch of magic, transforming any event into a mesmerizing wonderland.

Featuring 200 LED Bulbs, our lights weave a radiant spell across a generous 20 meters. With a soft, inviting Warm White glow, they create an ambiance that’s both soothing and captivating.

Crafted with a White Rubber Cable, these lights seamlessly blend into your surroundings, enhancing the beauty of your space. Need more length? No problem – these lights are extendable, allowing you to tailor the illumination to your unique vision.

Operating at 220V, our Outdoor Fairy Lights are ready to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere for weddings, parties, and gatherings of all kinds. Let the elegance and charm of these lights elevate your outdoor events to unforgettable heights.