Marquee Letters and Numbers Rental – 1m


Introducing our Marquee Letter and Number Rentals – the perfect touch of elegance and charm for your special occasions. Please note that these items are NOT FOR SALE. Our 3D standalone Marquee Letters and Numbers are available in 1m size to add a personalized and captivating touch to your events.

  • White Metal Marquee Letters & Numbers (1m): Illuminate your celebration with our 1m Marquee Letters and Numbers adorned with warm white bulbs. Perfect for spelling out names, initials, or significant dates. Operating at 240V, they exude a timeless glow. Available in letters A-Z and numbers 0-9.

Our Marquee Letters and Numbers are priced per piece for a maximum rental period of 5 days. Please note that we do not offer delivery services for rentals. Collection and return must be done in person. Illuminate your moments with our captivating Marquee Letters and Numbers – the epitome of personalized elegance.