Curtain Fairy Lights


Introducing our captivating Fairy Curtain Light Rentals – a radiant touch that turns any space into a magical haven. Measuring 2m x 2m, these lights create an enchanting backdrop for your events and celebrations.

With the gentle glow of Warm White LED Bulbs, these lights emit a cozy radiance that enhances the ambiance. The white cable seamlessly blends with your surroundings, ensuring the focus remains on the ethereal beauty of the lights.

Designed for your convenience, these Fairy Curtain Lights are extendible, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the size to fit your space perfectly. Operating at 220V, they’re ready to cast their spell and create an unforgettable atmosphere for weddings, parties, and special occasions.

Choose our Fairy Curtain Light Rentals to bring a touch of magic to your events, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary memories that shimmer and shine.